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XOOM Energy Privacy Policy


XOOM Energy is committed to protecting the privacy of our customer information in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, such as The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). 
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide our customers with information on our current policies and procedures related to handling personal information. In particular, this policy will provide information about XOOM Energy's collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual, such as your name, mailing or e-mail addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers, credit card numbers, and banking information. 
Personal information relating to our customers is maintained in confidence by XOOM Energy and is not sold to third parties.
Our privacy policies and procedures are subject to change. Any amendments to this Privacy Policy will be posted on our website. 

Collection of Personal Information

XOOM Energy collects only the personal information that it requires for the purposes outlined below under “Identifying Purposes”.  Such information includes: 
The customer's correspondence language preference, first, middle initial and last name, full mailing address, estimated long distance usage, date of birth, credit card number
Banking information to facilitate pre-authorized, or other, payments
Information that will assist and enable XOOM Energy to obtain a credit file, and report applicable credit information, from and to the established credit reporting agencies in Canada
Information submitted by you to XOOM Energy in connection with any inquiries or complaints
Information that specifically would identify you, such as a date of birth, is necessary in order to ensure that when we contact a credit bureau, we properly identify you.
XOOM Energy will never request sensitive personal information through email. Do not respond to e-mails requesting credit information, account numbers, passwords or PINs. Call the company to verify the legitimacy of the e-mail.
Our Website 
XOOM Energy also collects certain information through our website, which we do not consider to be personal information.  For example, when you visit our web pages, we gather the date and time of your visit as well as your browser type, ISP, referring site, pages requested, and IP address. This information will not allow us to identify you personally. We use this information for our internal security audit log, trend analysis and system administration, and to gather broad demographic information about our user base for aggregate use. This information may be shared with third parties in order to provide services to us or to analyze, store or aggregate the information. If you object to the collection of this information, you should not use or access our web pages.
Our web pages may employ the use of "cookies". A "cookie" is a small line of data that is sent to your Internet browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies can track how and when you use a site, and which site you visited immediately before. A cookie does not damage your system and identifies your browser, not you personally. We use cookies to identify which areas of our network you have visited, so the next time you visit those pages may be readily accessible. If you do not wish to receive a cookie, please set the options in your web browser accordingly. Please note, however, that this may impact the functioning of some aspects of our website, and/or make it impossible to offer you customized services.
To the extent that our website contains links to other websites, the owners of those sites are responsible for the privacy practices or content of those other sites. We do not endorse and will not be responsible for the privacy practices of third parties.

Identifying Purposes 

XOOM Energy collects personal information for a variety of purposes related to our business and provision of our products and services to you, including: 
To process your request for services from XOOM Energy
To communicate with you for billing and provisioning purposes
To verify, process and administer your product and service requests
To assess credit-worthiness, and make a decision about your request for service 
To enable XOOM Energy to accurately report back to the credit bureaus and ensure the credit reporting is applicable to the correct customer
To maintain our commercial relationship with you, and analyze, understand and respond to your service needs
To better improve the products and services that we offer to our customers
To identify and provide information on the products and services offered by our affiliates or ourselves or by companies that we believe may be of interest to you and to offer you those products and services.
XOOM Energy's use of personal information will be only for the purposes listed above and, in particular, in order to facilitate the provision of services to you, for identifying, credit decision reporting and if required, the collection of any outstanding amounts for products and services rendered. 


XOOM Energy obtains consent to collection, use and disclosure of personal information, except where consent is not required or permitted under applicable laws. This consent may be withdrawn by contacting our Privacy Officer, subject to legal restrictions, however, this will affect XOOM Energy's ability to provide or continue to provide our products and services to you.
Consent is generally obtained either orally or in writing prior to collecting, using or disclosing your personal information.
In some cases consent may be implied.  For example, when you provide your information to us for a specific purpose, you are implicitly agreeing that we use such information to accomplish that purpose.  XOOM Energy will determine the appropriate form of consent having regard to the nature and sensitivity of the information being collected, used or disclosed. For example, XOOM Energy will seek explicit consent for more sensitive information, such as your bank account information for billing purposes.
Generally a separate, explicit consent will be sought prior to sending you any electronic messages related to our products or services (or the products or services of affiliates and third parties), unless we have implied consent under applicable legislation (e.g., responses to inquiries, existing business relationship, etc.).  Customers can choose not to provide consent to promotional and marketing messages, or to withdraw their consent at any time, but this will affect XOOM Energy's ability to offer or continue to offer products and services to you.   

Transfer and Disclosure of Personal Information

XOOM Energy does not sell, rent or lease personal information to third parties. 
However, as described in more detail below, personal information relating to customers may be shared with, and used or analyzed by, between or among XOOM Energy's parent, affiliates and authorized agents and with third parties for certain account processing matters. Information may also be disclosed in connection with XOOM Energy's corporate transactions or business. In each case, however, XOOM Energy will take steps to ensure the organization receiving the personal information will use and disclose the personal information for purposes to which you have consented and in a manner consistent with this policy.
Affiliates and Service Providers 
From time to time, XOOM Energy may outsource certain account processing, or other customer service functions to an affiliated company or a third party. In such cases, personal information will be provided to such affiliate or third party. However, XOOM Energy releases personal information only where that information is necessary for the affiliate or service provider to provide their services to XOOM Energy. Information provided by XOOM Energy to affiliates, vendors or suppliers is provided under a contractual agreement that the information will be held in confidence, protected, and properly safeguarded according to the standards of XOOM Energy's privacy policy.
In the event that an affiliate or third party is located in the United States, your information may be processed and stored in the United States, and in such cases your information will be subject to the laws and lawful disclosure requirements in the jurisdiction where it is stored or processed.  For example, such information may be obtained by the governments, courts or law enforcement or regulatory agencies of the United States according to the federal and state laws of the United States.
Business Transactions
From time to time we may be involved in transactions to sell or restructure parts of our business or assets or merge with other businesses. Some personal information may be disclosed as required to facilitate such transactions.  In such cases, the information that is shared is limited to what is necessary to accomplish the transaction, and we take appropriate steps to protect the information from improper use or disclosure in accordance with applicable laws. You will generally be notified of any disclosure of your personal information to a successor company following the completion of the transaction.
Other Disclosures
Your personal information may be disclosed in some other circumstances, where required or permitted by applicable laws. Examples of when this may occur include, but are not limited to, emergency situations, to prevent an illegal act, and complying with a subpoena or warrant.
In addition, from time to time, XOOM Energy is required to report to regulatory bodies or to present a summary of all our customer information, including your personal information, in statistical or analytical form to governmental authorities and industry organizations. When information is provided in statistical or analytical form, this means that information that might specifically identify you will not be disclosed. Instead, your information will be compiled into aggregate (i.e. group) form such that the user cannot identify or extract out your personal information.

Retention and Security of Personal Information

XOOM Energy implements appropriate physical, technological and organizational measures and security features to safeguard the privacy of your customer identifiable and personal information. For example, we utilize a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on all pages that require you to complete personal information. However, no Internet or email transmission is ever fully secure or error free, and we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted via Internet or email.
Personal information will generally only be retained as long as it is needed for business or legal purposes. Once it is no longer required, we will securely dispose of such information or render it anonymous. 


Account Information

XOOM Energy honors requests from customers to review all customer identifiable information maintained in reasonably retrievable form, and will correct any such information which may be inaccurate. Customers may verify that appropriate corrections have been made.

Contact Us

XOOM Energy's Privacy Officer can be contacted at: 
XOOM Energy, LLC
804 Carnegie Center
Princeton, NJ 08540
Attention: Privacy Officer
You may contact our Privacy Officer to:
Make inquiries respecting this policy, our general practices related to handling personal information, or the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information
Make inquiries respecting our use of service providers outside Canada (including affiliates that provide services to us)
Express concerns or make a complaint related to the handling of your personal information
Request access to your personal information
Make corrections or updates to your personal information
Withdraw your consent to continued collection, use or disclosure of personal information  
We will respond to your questions, concerns and requests in accordance with applicable laws.  Please note that access will only be granted after you have provided proof of identity, and access may be refused in some circumstances in accordance with applicable laws.