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XOOM Energy Opens New Markets in Delaware, Maryland and New York

August 25, 2014

XOOM Energy has seen steady growth in the deregulated markets of the north for months now, so it’s latest expansion into Delaware, Maryland and New York comes as no surprise to industry leaders or consumers.

The state of Delaware is entirely new to XOOM and customers in the Delmarva territory can now choose XOOM Energy as their retailer for electricity.  Although one of the smaller markets, Delaware is an important addition to the XOOM Energy footprint.   “Each market has its own set of risks and rewards” says Tom Ulry, CEO.  “We’re looking at the bigger picture and we recognize that it’s in the best interest of our customers and partners to have a strong presence whenever and wherever we can.” 

Residents of Maryland and New York are already familiar with XOOM, but market launches in the Delmarva (Maryland) and Central Hudson (New York) areas now provide the choice of electricity and natural gas service to thousands of new consumers. Having identified itself as a national retailer, XOOM is focused on providing energy to every available market and is not content with simply having service in one are, if multiple markets exist. 

Having established itself as one of the largest energy retailers in the United States, XOOM is now looking toward growing its portfolio or products and services.  The fourth quarter of 2013 will see the launch of XOOM’s renewable energy options (which have been popular in California some time) in additional markets on the east coast.